When a student misses a lesson for any reason (including illness, vacation, sports, weather, etc.), I am not obligated to make up the lesson and will not give any refunds or credits. However, if you must miss a lesson, please contact me so that I know you will not be attending that lesson and I am not looking for you. If you know in advance that you will not be able to attend your regular lesson due to another conflict, I highly recommend that you use the Switcher List. You can use the Switcher List as many times as you would like.

If I must miss a lesson, we will schedule a make-up or I will issue a credit. I will let you know in advance of any cancellation and we can make arrangements as appropriate.

There is a make-up/bonus lesson in May. This is a make-up lesson for those students who have had to miss during the year for any reason or is a bonus lesson for those students who have had perfect attendance. Please let me know if you are NOT interested in this lesson.

If you would like to better understand the make-up policy, I highly recommend the article at this website.