Group and Performance Lessons


Included in tuition fees are group lessons, performance classes, and recitals. These dates are scheduled at the beginning of the semester and are on the studio calendar. Please make every effort to attend all of these classes as they provide important learning and developmental experiences.


Group Lessons

A group lesson is a class with other students (typically 4 or more) that are around the same age and skill level that are held multiple times throughout the year. These lessons typically last an hour and include musical games and other learning activities that are appropriate for the age group. Group lessons are very valuable and provide significant learning opportunities.  No books are required unless specifically indicated prior to the lesson.


Performance Class

A performance class is a class with other students (typically 4 or more) and is open to all students. The class usually occurs a week or more before a recital and usually lasts about an hour. During the class, students will have the opportunity to perform their selected piece(s) for other students in preparation for the recital. This is an invaluable time for students to practice their performance, observe other students, and learn from each other. After each student’s performance, I work with each student to help them enhance their performance. Please note that participation in a recital is optional, but is recommended. These classes are open to all students even if a student decides not to participate in the recital.