Switcher List


Lesson Switching

In September at the start of the 9-month semester, I will create a list of students who are willing to switch lesson times during a week and their contact information that I will keep updated on this website (I call it the “Switcher List”). This is very helpful during the course of the year when various activities or events occur that prevent you from attending your usual lesson time. In this case, the “Switcher List” contains other days and times of students who have expressed a willingness to participate, and you can review the other lesson days and times on the “Switcher List” and determine if an alternate time may work for your lesson. If you would like to switch lessons with another willing student in order to not miss your lesson, I strongly endorse you “switching” with another student that week.

A few rules for the switcher list:

  • The Switcher List is a password protected document which can be obtained by clicking the button below.
  • If you decide to participate I will send you the password to access the document.
  • Please let me know if you would like to take part in this lesson-switching program.
  • You are responsible to arrange the lesson switching on your own, but I do ask that you please let me know before the switch occurs.
  • If you need to make a permanent schedule change, please contact me and we will work this out together.