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Please note that tuition is NOT an hourly charge but also includes recitals, performance classes, group lessons, preparation time, continuing education, and numerous other administrative activities. There is a great deal of time and expense spent on arranging recitals, printing programs, preparing group activities, searching for new music, and attending conferences. As such, tuition remains the same throughout the year regardless of the number of lessons and events. Also, please understand that tuition reserves a place in my weekly schedule and does NOT simply buy my time.


Tuition is broken up into equal payments, regardless of the number of activities that occur during a given month (i.e., lessons, performance class, group lessons, recitals).  This is done for both your ease and convenience as well as mine.  The first and last tuition payment is due at the first lesson in September or upon commencement of lessons if starting at another time during the year.  The tuition payments from October through April are due on or before the first lesson of the month and is as follows:

30-minute lessons:  $122 per payment ($244 due at first lesson)

Currently being phased out

45-minute lessons:  $176 per payment ($352 due at first lesson)

60-minute lessons:  $230 per payment ($460 due at first lesson)


If you would like to pay multiple payments, or part/all of a semester or year, that is not a problem, and I can provide the appropriate amount. Tuition will increase in the fall of even calendar years.



Books and sheet music are paid for by the students and are in addition to tuition.  I have many of the materials in stock and can provide you with an invoice after we have selected the materials.  The book/music fees include the list price plus $1.00 or $1.05 per item to cover taxes and/or shipping.  If you would like to purchase your own music, please let me know and I will provide you with a list of the materials that you need to acquire.  



In addition to recitals, students may perform in other venues.  While this is optional for the student, it is highly recommended.  The fees for these festivals are paid by the student and are non-refundable, typically ranging from $15-$40 per student.  In particular, I strongly encourage participation in Keyboard Merits, which occurs in the spring.  This is NOT a competition but is a chance to perform and received feedback from another professional musician.  This is also a chance for the students to earn points towards trophies and ribbons, which is a wonderful incentive.



Please let me know if you are interested in competing.  I can help you both in choosing repertoire as well as finding competitions.  While there are many opportunities in the area, please let me know if you see other competitions in addition to the ones that I bring to your attention that you are interested in pursuing.


Terminating Lessons:

It is expected that students will take the entire 9-month semester.  For those students that start at times other than in September, it is expected that you will complete the remainder of the 9-month semester.  For all students, if you wish to terminate lessons for any reason, a one-month written notice is required.