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When a student misses a lesson for any reason (including illness, vacation, sports, weather, etc.), I am not obligated to make up the lesson and will not give any refunds or credits.  However, if you must miss a lesson, please contact me so that I know you will not be attending that lesson and I am not looking for you.  If you know in advance that you will not be able to attend your regular lesson due to another conflict, I highly recommend that you use the Switcher List, which is discussed in more detail below.  You can use the Switcher List as many times as you would like.


If I must miss a lesson, we will schedule a make-up or I will issue a credit.  I will let you know in advance of any cancellation and we can make arrangements as appropriate.


There is a make-up/bonus lesson in May.  This is a make-up lesson for those students who have had to miss during the year for any reason or is a bonus lesson for those students who have had perfect attendance.  Please let me know if you are NOT interested in this lesson.


If you would like to better understand the make-up policy, I highly recommend the article at this website.



During inclement weather, or due to other mitigating circumstances (i.e., illness, injury) as an alternative I offer the option of conducting the lesson via FaceTime.


Lesson Switching:

In September at the start of the 9-month semester, I will create a list of students who are willing to switch lesson times during a week and their contact information that I will keep updated on this website (I call it the “Switcher List”).  This is very helpful during the course of the year when various activities or events occur that prevent you from attending your usual lesson time.  In this case, the “Switcher List” contains other days and times of students who have expressed a willingness to participate, and you can review the other lesson days and times on the “Switcher List” and determine if an alternate time may work for your lesson.  If you would like to switch lessons with another willing student in order to not miss your lesson, I strongly endorse you “switching” with another student that week.


A few rules for the switcher list:


The Switcher List is a password protected document located here.  If you decide to participate I will send you the password to access the document.  Please let me know if you would like to take part in this lesson-switching program.  You are responsible to arrange the lesson switching on your own, but I do ask that you please let me know before the switch occurs.  If you need to make a permanent schedule change, please contact me and we will work this out together.


Weather Policy:

The studio will NOT close due to weather, and I encourage you to please make every reasonable effort to attend lessons. However, please exercise good judgment and only come to lessons if you can safely navigate the roads.  If you cannot make it due to the weather, there is the option of FaceTime as described above as well as the make-up week in May.


Studio Etiquette:

When entering the studio, please do so in a quiet manner.  


Please do NOT chew gum at the lesson or when performing.


Parents, please make every effort to be on time dropping off and picking up students.  I cannot be responsible for children whose parents are late.