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Students are expected to actively participate in piano, to practice daily in preparation for lessons and recitals, and to demonstrate a positive attitude and interest in learning to play.  The repertoire for lessons is geared toward the interest of the student. I am happy to teach jazz, blues, and popular music in addition to the classics.  Please let me know what your interests are so that we can work together to find the perfect musical fit for you!


Lesson Types:

I offer two weekly lesson types: 45 minutes and 60 minutes in length.  I recommend at least a 45 minute lesson.  An hour lesson is ideal as there is much more one-on-one interaction.  In addition, students learn faster, feel more confident in their capabilities, understand music better, and enjoy music to a greater extent.  Thirty-minute lessons are not recommended and are currently being phased out of the studio.


Group Lessons and Performance Classes:

Included in tuition fees are group lessons, performance classes, and recitals. These dates are scheduled at the beginning of the semester and are on the studio calendar.  Please make every effort to attend all of these classes as they provide important learning and developmental experiences.


A group lesson is a class with other students (typically 4 or more) that are around the same age and skill level that are held multiple times throughout the year.  These lessons typically last an hour and include musical games and other learning activities that are appropriate for the age group.  Group lessons are very valuable and provide significant learning opportunities.  No books are required unless specifically indicated prior to the lesson.


A performance class is a class with other students (typically 4 or more) and is open to all students.  The class usually occurs a week or more before a recital and usually lasts about an hour.  During the class, students will have the opportunity to perform their selected piece(s) for other students in preparation for the recital.  This is an invaluable time for students to practice their performance, observe other students, and learn from each other.  After each student’s performance, I work with each student to help them enhance their performance.  Please note that participation in a recital is optional, but is recommended.  These classes are open to all students even if a student decides not to participate in the recital.


Trial Lessons:

If you are in the process of searching for a new piano instructor and are interested in a trial lesson, I am happy to accommodate you.  If you are interested in a trial lesson, I can arrange a 30 minute lesson for $35. Please note that trial lessons are not intended for students who have never taken piano before.


Additional Lessons During Breaks:  

During the course of the year, there are breaks which are outlined in the studio calendar (winter break, spring break, pre-summer, and post-summer lessons breaks).  Please contact me if you would like to purchase additional lessons during these times.  If I am available, I am more than happy to schedule additional lessons.


Summer Lessons:

I do understand the temptation of “taking the summer off” and not continuing lessons from June through August.  It is important to realize that when taking the summer off, one loses a bit of what they have learned during the year. Many students excel during the summer due to the extra practice time, and I encourage everyone to take summer lessons.  In the spring, I will send out an email with options for the summer.  In addition, those students that wish to ensure that they retain a space for the following fall semester must participate in summer lessons.  For those that choose not to take lessons during the summer, lesson times in the fall semester will be given on a first come, first serve basis beginning on August 1. If you do not take during the summer, please contact me on or after August 1 to inquire as to availability.